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In The Name Of Allah....

21 September 2008
IELTS Speaking Test
11:15 am

envigelator : MERCY THOMAS.

oopss... 2 days to go for my IELTS : International English Language Testing System Speaking test.
the "mercy thomas" part was the one that actually kind a freak me out. hoho..

I'll be sitting for the remaining 3 papers, that is, reading, writing and listening on 27 September, yup, this saturday...

Do Pray for me ya.. i'am targeting for band 7 and above. (well, I HAVE to!)
or else, i need to re-sit, and pay the fee with my own money. (this time, JPA sponsoured. thanx JPA ^_^)

well, how much it coost actually.?

rm700. yup.

crazy huh? just for 4 papers.

hmm.... okeylah. thats all for now.. :)

hope this IELTS thingy really opens the doors and creates opurtunities.. for me and my friends.. amien!

untill then,
sinar penghormatan