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Dengan Namamu Allah Yang menetapkan segala sesuatu..
Sampaiakan selawat kami kepada kekasih teragungMu..

time : 11.00 am.

place : 2nd floor block W
candidate number : 2938
envigilator : Mercy Thomas.

somehow i smuggled in my handphone and recorded my speaking session with Mrs mercy thomas, which, eventually was a very2 nice old lady..

after hearing back the session, i laughed like crazy.
seriosly i was talking nonscence.
merepek ntah ape2, and ofcourse, memalukan diri sendiri. :P
feeling like banging myself to the wall (heh, tipu je tu.. i lurve myslf okey.)

these are some of da embarassing conversation dat i had this morning.

jdge it urself!

situation 1.

Where do you come from?

- I come from kulim, kedah.

What does your house look like.?
*blur x fhm soklan. i was like, ermm like a normal house?*
- My house looks like a little bungalow, but its actually a double story house,
- with lots and lots of window and a very nice..... *dlm kpala tgh pk very nice ape.* and, in the end i completed my sentence with... a very nice door! (apekah??)

suppose i shud have answerd it has a nice garden ke.. with a large porch, and a litte pond. (kelentong je lah pape, but.. whats with "the nice door"??)

what can u see from the windows?
- from inside to outside, i can see a very beautiful scenary of kulim since my house is located on top of a hill. (again, huh? i dunt understand y i mentioned "from inside to outside"))

do the walls at your house decorated.?
- ofcourse, i have clocks , and pictures and also photographs of my family. (wat the,.,,,,?)

situation 2.

Does a birthday more meaningful to a child or grown ups?
- birhday are meaningful to does who knows da value of a birthday. (again, i was talking nonscence. nothing related to the question)

why is birthday meaningful?
- it is da day when a child meets his mother and father... O_O ( i closed my eyes n inside my heart i was like, man! y did u talk so silly??)

situation 3
oops. enough2. memalukan sj kalau cerita byk2. hehe...

apepun, althou i did made myself look a bit "stupid", alhamdulillah , it was not as worst as i expectd.

i think i wud have got around band 6 or lower.. huuhuuuu.. (not quite good thou)
OoOppss... no no.. shud think higher. "the law of attraction" stated dat we will get what we think uhmm.. for dis reaoson, okeylah, i HOPE i get at least band 7 for dis speaking part.

*hoping eyes and praying hand*.

okey! done for now.
tomorrows practical chemistery 6A for my final semester. yep2.
my week will gonna be quite pack.

until next tyme.. hope i wont embarasse my self. again hehee..
sumtymes i feel im a bit hanky panky and sooo what u call it, childish. xD haiya..

sekian dulu, tOoodelss~~
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