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In The Name Of Allah, The Most Merciful..


chemistry unit 4 and 5, was a total disaster. (unit 1 2 3 was, not dat good eeither)
i answered the paper like sumbody who had never learnt any chemistry for the past 2 years.
some are just simple questions, yet, i still cant answer.
i forgot. and the details where all jumbled up. mixed together. wic is wic.

yes, iam. i am ashamed with my self. for repeating the same thing, again, and again.

its not that i didnt study at all. i did study, but maybe its not enough.
i need to do more exercises. more. n more. much2 more.
n ofcourse, pray more. ask more.
clean my heart much more.
maybe my heart is so dirty until its hard for me to remember anything.

or, to take it the positive side,
maybe this is the way for Allah to "urge" me to work harder for Alevel.
maybe if iam in the comfort zone, ill be too comfortable, and, wat u call dat, lupa diri.

yes. cheer up. luckily its not A level, yet.
better cry now, rather then later.
but work now. rather then later.

"Nor say of anything, "I shall be sure to do so and so tomorrow"


p/s : soory i write in english, coz, i dunno y, i tend to write in english when im not feeling good. however bad my english are. wat do i care. hehe..


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