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Dengan NamaMu YaAllah..
Yang menerbitkan rasa kasih dan sayang dalam jiwa jiwa ini....

Oh precious one, my wife, my love
The Creator granted you to me
You are In my heart
For thee I would sacrifice
All that I have... All I am
Patient you are,
In a labor of love,
Bringing light to a home once dark
And God is my witness
That I am happy with you

A promise to God, that I will be faithful
A promise to God, that I will be sincere
A promise to God, before all our loved ones
A promise to God, before our families
For today... is the day we wed

Be my friend, my companion...
Be all that you want to be
Share with me... your dreams..
and all you suffer and feel
When your tears flow
like a spring from the depth of your heart
Let my soul dry them away
Let my being protect you always

Every day... I long for your more and more
My companion... your beauty fills my eyes
Glorified is the One Who fashioned you
And granted me your precious presence

Even if a day shall come
When dark clouds fill the sky
And no hope can be found...
in the distant horizon
The light in your eyes...
will bring me back to life

its march.
and its the month of love, for my family.

in this month, 13 march
my parents had been tied together
and in this month, 14 march
my sister had been tied together with her husband.

indeed, its a month of love for my family.

(im sorry i needed to post this earlier from the date as had promised my self not to blog for this whole week.

frankly, i almost cried hearing and menghayati the lyric of the song.
its too... beautiful.
too.. sweet.
too... touching.



my dear father,
do take care of mama as how you had promised.
as how you had promised to guide her,
to take care of her, to be soft to her.
never ever make her cry because of you.
never ever forget all the promises that you had made,
from the very day you had take her as your wife.
27 years ago.

I am your daughter.
your youngest daughter.
and i will always make doa for the happiness of my very dear parents.


Dear abang long,
two years ago,
on this very month, you had chosen my sister as your wife.
on this very month, you had promised to me that you will, lead, my sisters life as best as you can.
on this very month, you had been a member of our family. my brother. my big brother.
and this is the first time i received a man, in my family, other than babah.
on this very month, you had accepted the responsibility to lead this whole family.
not only kaklong, but also mama, babah, kakak, and me.
dont ever forget that youre not only a husband to my sister, but you are a son to mama and babah, and a brother to me and kakak.
and i hope i still can trust you to it, now, and in future life.


a marriage life seems sweet, but its way more than that.
nice things always comes with a price.


o Allah. grant me a person who can guide me, to You.

kerana aku bukan makhluk pengkhianat


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