mind control

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i just deleted the previous post, because it was so, so, useless?
plus, i am not the kind of person who will "expose" the "childish" part of me simply to anyone.

sorry, and do please bare with me. =)

anyway, just want to share with you guys a clip which i got from youtube.
have a go, watch, and listen, until the end.
truly an eye opener.

it reminds me of what the astro awani reporter who was on mavi marmara mentioned in a video i watched at facebook.
i wanted to share it here, to make you see that what they say(the youtube up here) and what he said (the awani reporter) really synchronizes. but sorry, the video appears to be private and could only be seen by those who have a facebook account. but still i can share you the link. (klik here)

well, rasulullah did teach us to investigate every news that we receive, right?
(sorry i dunt remeber which hadith but basically its about never simply spread news that you dunt really know the status)

seek more, believe less, i guess?

and yeah, one more thing,
have a wonderful jumaat!


kerana aku bukan makhluk pengkhianat