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Dengan namaMu yaAllah,
Yang menciptakan manusia secara berpuak2..

1st week of orientation was fine,
because i skipped, like, almost all. :P
this was the only session that i join.
cheer fighting.! *fuyooh*

i was supposed to wear those oriantation shirt but,
well, yeah, since childhood time, being odd was what i am all about. (refer here)
sekurang2nya saya telah sedaya upaya cari baju labuh yang paling merah.kan?
syukur im not facing any culture shock as i had expected IMU to be like this.
just keep on follow the flow as long as... im still on the track.

well, theres still a hole lot of activities to be done.
charity home visit, variety night, dress code, bla bla bla.
hopefully i'm "rajin" enough to join.
aha~ treassure hunt, perhaps?

ok. ok. just some short notes from bukit jalil,
informing u guys that i'm ok. fine, and, trying to adapt.
im training myself to use english. english and english as i need them for communicating in IMU. fiew.

nak cakap bahasa melayu je boleh ? :D

kata hati : tajuk macam xde kaitan dgn post. ;)


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