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i sumhow calculated the day i was born
and they said, its tuesday. (really?)

its quite funny how people can easily believe that the day we are born can determine our personality.
isnt that, like, too simple? too easy?
arent human suppose to be complicated beings?
and if they believe in that, how come theyre still searching for their true self?

character, my friend, are built not only in a day.
its a process. a long process.
obesrvation, assimilation and implementation.
on what we had seen, what we had faced and experienced.
and blive me, it can change. either to better or worse.

people always choose to go for the easiest way.
in every aspect of their life.
even in serious matter; such as searching for the true self.

mind you. one that is gained easily seldomly will be appriciated.


okey. what on earth am i talking about.??
sudden mood of talking, iin broken english, but none is available to talk with.
so, there goes all the babblings.
pointless babblings.

he! he!