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i know the road ahead is going to be tough.
life has given me the tools necessary to succeed;
and they will be utilized.

fully utilized, insyaAllah.

my dear friends,
i had failed my resit examination.
i am sorry for letting down all your hopes.

have to wait until monday to know my status.
weather i could continue my studies, or not.
please make doa for me so that i am strong enough to face any possibilities.

i am feeling like crying, and i really need a hug.
half of me feels so weak, shattered and fragile.

but life had thought me to be strong,
accept, improve, and always believe,
hope will always be there, as long as we search for it.
and that there is a reason behind all of this.

what ever happened,
i should not, ever, loose hope in Allah.
Allah will be there for me.

gantikanlah kehilangan ini..
dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik,
jika tidak di dunia...
cukuplah di akhirat..
*tears.. and smiles... :')*

until then, wassalam wbt..

kerana aku bukan makhluk pengkhianat


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